Activists Demand Donald Trump Release His Tax Returns

September 17, 2016

Wall of shame

Trump’s “Wall of Shame” featuring Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi makes another appearance outside Miami speech.

Miami, FL — Engaged citizens and activists crowded the sidewalks outside Donald Trump’s Miami speech at the James L. Knight Center tonight to demand that Trump be honest with American voters and disclose his tax returns, a standard practice for every other major party nominee since 1976 has done.

“Trump denies having questionable relationships with Russian strongmen, brags that he’s a billionaire and claims he donates millions to charity. But when it comes to backing that up and releasing his tax returns, Trump has ducked, dodged, blamed auditors and said it’s “none of our business”. So why has Trump’s adviser Roger Stone, the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and even Trump’s own campaign manager directly called on Trump to come clean on his taxes?” said Thomas Kennedy of United Families. “If he uses charity money to purchase $20,000 self-portraits of himself and to make political donations to campaigns like Florida’s Pam Bondi to avoid investigations into his fraudulent University, there is no way to know what kind of troubling obligations and connections he is hiding from us in his tax returns. Voters deserve answers. ”

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