Actress Diane Guerrero, Immigration and Labor Leaders Wearing Pageant Sashes Tell Trump: Women Will Stop You

October 24, 2016


“Orange Is The New Black” and “Jane The Virgin” star joined female leaders to tell the GOP women will hold them accountable on the ballot

Miami – Today, a panel of prominent activists joined “Orange Is The New Black” and “Jane The Virgin” star Diane Guerrero in Miami to make clear female voters will stop Donald Trump.

Wearing pageant sashes decorated with many of the ways the Republican presidential nominee has described women, the spokeswomen talked about why it is critical for woman to return their Vote by Mail ballot, or make a plan to vote early or on Election Day.

With the Early Vote period beginning on Monday in many counties across the state, the press conference, organized by For Florida’s Future, addressed the stakes of this election and called for women to get out and vote.

“When I was fourteen years old, I came home from school one day and my parents had been deported. And for over a year now, I have had to hear Donald Trump every day actively campaign to tear 4 million American-born girls and boys away from their parents the same way,” said Orange is the New Black actress Diane Guerrero. “We have the power to stop him. In less than 48 hours, polls will open across the state for early voting. Go vote! If you have already voted, make a friend vote! Grab your parents, tías, tíos, primos and abuelos. Multiply the power of your vote!”

“We are the key state of this election, not only on top ticket but down ballot as well. We need a state legislature that will move the issues of women voters,” said Francesca Menes, Director of Policy and Advocacy of the Florida Immigrant Coalition. “Repeat after me: together we will! There’s no way in my lifetime that I’m going to see a man like Donald Trump become president!”

“When I look at a woman I see potential. He sees his next sexual assault or the inspiration for a late night offensive Tweet. We fight for paid family leave. He calls pregnancy an inconvenience for employers. We bargain for equality, he thinks a woman who is sexually harassed should just change jobs,” said Se’Adoreia Brown, AFSCME Local 199 President and AFSCME International Vice President. “You see, women are paying attention, and all across Florida we know where the real power lies. Donald Trump may brag about grabbing this or grabbing that, but we are going to grab our ballots and we are going to vote.”

After the press conference, the actresses joined a group of local activists for a phone-banking session calling Florida voters to cast their vote for progressive candidates up and down the ballot, and reminding them of the power of their vote.

“To put a man with this rhetoric in the White House is not just insulting, it is dangerous–to women, people of color, faith groups, people with disabilities, and immigrants like your families and mine,” said the actress. “But I have a message for Donald Trump: This Latina votes, and together, women will stop him at the ballot!”

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