AFSCME PEOPLE and AFT Solidarity Launch New TV Ad on Rubio’s Out of Touch Priorities for Florida

September 23, 2016

AFSCME PEOPLE and AFT Solidarity today unveiled a new television ad highlighting how out of touch with the priorities of Florida voters Marco Rubio has become after just six years in the Senate, one failed presidential campaign and a record number of missed committee hearings and floor votes.

“Priorities” will begin airing today in Tampa and Orlando, two markets critical to Rubio’s chances to return to D.C. and which are comprised of voters who, in poll after poll, rank retirement security, health care and education as priorities when it comes to voting.

Links to the new ads are included here:
AFT Solidarity:

Shirin Bidel-Niyat, AFSCME’s Assistant Director of Political Action said, “Marco Rubio is more concerned with his chances to run for president in 2020 than to tackle the issues that Floridians care about as proven by his dismal record when he actually does show up for work. This ad reminds voters of something they want so badly to forget – Marco Rubio is only out for Marco Rubio, not for their families and their communities.”

Joanne McCall, President of the Florida Education Association said, “When he has cared enough to show up for work, Marco Rubio has been fighting hard to pass tax policies that would give massive tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent, increasing the deficit by at least $6.8 trillion. That would help him fulfill his obsession with ramming through devastating cuts to schools and other essential services, even eliminating the Department of Education. Those are the values Marco Rubio is running to represent.”

The $1.3 million ad buy, which will run through the end of the month, is transcribed below:


Narrator: What are Marco Rubio’s priorities?

Rubio said Social Security and Medicare have weakened us as a nation.
He wanted to cut the Social Security benefits we’ve earned and turn Medicare into a voucher

…robbing seniors of the chance to retire with dignity.

And for kids? Rubio voted to slash school funding by billions of dollars.

And would eliminate the Department of Education.

Those are Marco Rubio’s priorities. They sure aren’t ours.


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