Central Florida Community Leaders Unite to Call Out John Mica on his Anti-Working Family and Trump Supporting Agenda

November 3, 2016

ORLANDO, FL – A group of community leaders from Central Florida held a press conference today in Winter Park to call out Congressman John Mica for his anti-working families and Trump supporting agenda with declarations and proof that Mica is out of touch values and his disastrous voting record does not align with the values of Orange County.

Mica was instrumental in leading the effort to put the Old Post Office building up for lease for Trump’s most recent luxury hotel opening, further tying his partisanship to the GOP presidential candidate.

“As early voting draws to a close, we need to act now to hold Mica accountable for his continued failure to address these issues and make our voice heard in the community by reaffirming your commitment to vote at www.MakeAPlanToVote.com and get to the polls now and prove to Congressman Mica that we are not standing by his dangerous policies.” said Eric Rollings, Orange County Soil and Water District 4 Supervisor. “Florida stands on the front line of climate change risk, voters in Orange County are ready for action, and his record proves he has no plans for achieving a healthier and more prosperous clean energy future for our children and the next generation.”

“At a time when women’s health and reproductive rights are under attack in Congress; Mr. Mica, Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence’s anti-abortion politics mirrors the most extreme parts of the Republican Party endangering the lives of women and providers in this country,” said Dr. Corey Bale, OBYGN and Adjunct Associate Professor at UCF College of Medicine. “Congressman John Mica is a career politician and has a long record of supporting the dangerous and discriminatory policies that are not aligned with promoting the health my patients, the mothers and daughters in his community and we are here today to encourage women, their partners, their friends and their son’s in our district vote and elect a representative who will fight for us.”

“Time and again, John Mica has blocked opportunities to end gender discrimination in pay, and the women of Florida deserve better,” said Lisa Jama Ramsey, Criminal Defense Attorney. “We need an elected official who understands the challenges working women and families face on, and this November, women in Orlando have candidates from the top of the ballot down who will move forward common sense solutions for Florida women.”

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