Community Members Urge Senator Marco Rubio To Vote Against The GOP’s Dangerous Health Care Repeal Plan

June 28, 2017

With the health care of 22 million Americans on the line and 10 Senators already expressing concern, constituents call on Marco Rubio to save their care

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Tampa, FL – Today, community members and health care advocates gathered to demand that Senator Marco Rubio vote against the Senate health care repeal bill written and negotiated in secret. The event was part of a statewide day of action where community members highlighted the extreme difficulties that veterans, women, and people with disabilities will face trying to receive care if the Republican plan passes.

“Ultimately, President Trump has not been truthful with veterans. He intends to take away the safety net that he promised to leave in place. Promises broken,” said Jerry Green, Florida Outreach Director for “Trump is chipping away at veterans benefits. To Congress I say, thank veterans for their service, do not betray them.”

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(Jerry Green, Florida Outreach Director for

The repeal plan put forward by Republican would result in higher costs for less coverage, gut key protections for women and people with pre-existing conditions, impose an unfair “age tax” for older Floridians, and cripple the ability of Medicaid to provide full care to veterans, people with disabilities, low-income seniors and others. While the bill would result in a $765 billion tax break for the wealthy and corporations, it would in fact slash coverage for more than 22 million Americans.

“If congressional Republicans and Donald Trump succeed in gutting Medicaid funding to pay for tax cuts for wealthy, it would force working people to make impossible choices about how to care for their parents and other family members when they can no longer care for themselves,” said Marc Rodrigues, a field representative for the AFL-CIO West Central Florida.

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(Marc Rodrigues, field representative for the AFL-CIO West Central Florida)

With more than 1.7 million Floridians enrolled in the ACA marketplace and more than 4.3 million Floridians enrolled in Medicaid, including 2 million children, repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the protections it provides millions of Americans would have devastating consequences for families across the state.

“The delayed vote this week by Senate Republicans is a testament to the hard work and organizing of the progressive movement. It’s also a sign that Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump can’t even get Republicans to support this bill. That’s because it’s disastrous policy for millions of regular Americans who will be booted off their health coverage,” said Blake Williams, communications director with For Florida’s Future. “There’s no amount of extra time or tweaks that are going to fix how bad this bill is.”

Following the event, organizers held a phone bank where constituents directly called the offices of Senator Rubio.

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