Elected and Community Leaders Call on David Jolly to Stand up for Working Families and Seniors

October 25, 2016

Activists Remind Pinellas County Voters that Charlie Crist Stands with the People While David Jolly Stands with Special Interests

St. Petersburg, Fl. – Community leaders, joined by state Representative Dwight Dudley, gathered across from Duke Energy’s downtown St. Petersburg building today to call out Congressman David Jolly for his failure to stand up for working families and seniors in the 13th Congressional District. An infamous Washington-insider, Rep. Jolly continues to put his special interests of his friends above the interests of his neighbors, siding with big business interests like Duke Energy and pushing to privatize Social Security.

“While Duke Energy shells out campaign checks for David Jolly and his Republican colleagues, working families in Pinellas County are forced to pay for increased rate hikes,” said state Representative Dwight Dudley. “Charlie Crist, on the other hand, has stood with the people throughout his career, fighting to protect consumers and standing strong against utility companies. Let’s elect a Congressman with a proven record of looking out for our interests, not special interests.”

As Attorney General and Governor, Charlie Crist fought to keep rates low for Florida’s families. Crist focused on clean, renewable energy during his time in office, and was no friend to the big utility companies.

“Duke Energy is overbilling Florida’s by millions of dollars. Enough is enough,” said consumer protection lawyer Matthew Weidner. “David Jolly is in the pocket of Duke Energy, which explains his deafening silence on this issue. If the residents of Congressional District 13 are looking for a leader who will stand up for them, they should vote for Charlie Crist, not David Jolly.”

Vince Cocks, a small business manager in Pinellas County turned the focus towards Social Security, another issue that out-of-touch David Jolly has failed the people on. “Social Security keeps millions of older Americans out of poverty. Apparently that’s not enough of a reason for David Jolly to protect this vital program. Instead, he’s suggested that we raise the retirement age, and even worse, that ‘everything should be on the table’ in terms of Social Security reform.”

As a lobbyist who worked for the special interests before he started taking their campaign checks, Rep. Jolly worked for an organization that wanted to privatize Social Security. He supports raising the age of eligibility and even believes that “Social Security is not a guaranteed.”

“Thousands of Pinellas County retirees who have worked their entire lives and paid into Social Security rely on those benefits for survival,” said Winnie Foster, a long-time St. Petersburg community activist. “David Jolly is comfortable gambling retirees’ economic security on the open market, placing the livelihoods of so many Floridians in the hands of Wall Street investors. This election, voters in Congressional District 13 will use their vote as their voice and send a man to Washington who will look out for their interests, not special interests. That man is Charlie Crist.”

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