Florida College Students Embrace Halloween Festivities For “Don’t Boo! Vote” Shuttle Events To Polling Places

October 31, 2016

Campus activists declare that there’s nothing scarier this Halloween than Trump as President

Don't boo, vote

Plantation, FL – Today students at universities across Florida kicked off the second and final week of early voting Halloween-style by adapting one of President Obama’s favorite lines “Don’t boo, vote!”. Students urged their fellow classmates to get to the polls and avoid the scariest ending to a Halloween story imaginable: A Donald Trump presidency.

Today’s events kicked off the second week of For Florida’s Future “Shuttle Together” program. Last week’s shuttle events sent hundreds of students statewide to early voting locations. Students came dressed in costumes, amplified their actions through a For Florida’s Future snapchat geo-filter, and hopped a ride on Halloween themed shuttles to Early Vote locations to exercise their most powerful political tool: their vote.

“Students across the state today made clear that the next president of the United States can’t be someone who spent his entire campaign insulting women, African Americans and immigrant families. They know they can’t put their future at risk by putting it in the hands of someone like Trump – who has no higher education plan and no plan to make college affordable – or politicians like Marco Rubio who support Trump,” said press secretary Blake Williams. “We’ve seen today the students on these campuses are fired up and enthusiastic about this election and about making sure their classmates don’t get tricked into electing a historically unqualified candidate to the most powerful office in the world.”

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