For Florida’s Future Statement on Rick Scott Signing HB 7069 Today in Orlando

June 15, 2017

HB 7069 sets up a slush fund for unaccountable charter schools, leaves Florida’s children behind and threatens public education

Today in Orlando: Residents, parents and teachers denounce Governor Scott signing HB 7069

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Orlando, FL – For Florida’s Future issued the following statement today in response to news that Governor Rick Scott will sign HB 7069:

Blake Williams, Communications Director, For Florida’s Future: “Last week Rick Scott convinced Tallahassee Republicans to replenish his Enterprise Florida slush fund with taxpayer dollars to pay off his political donors, and in return he’s giving Republicans millions in taxpayer dollars for a slush fund of their own. HB 7069 is corporate welfare plain and simple, and the opposition to it has been broad and bipartisan. Florida’s largest school districts have publicly opposed it, teachers and parents have opposed it, and nearly every editorial board in the state of Florida has urged a veto. The job of Florida leaders should be to ensure equal access to properly funded education. Rick Scott failed that test miserably today.”

BACKGROUND: HB 7069 Slush Fund Devastates Public Education For Millions of Florida Kids

  • Orlando Sentinel Commentary: Florida school bill is a jam-packed scam: “Here’s what they aren’t telling you: Charter schools often fail at a higher rate than traditional schools in Florida….So this bill takes a method of education that is failing at rates much higher than traditional ones — and puts it on steroids…Overall, it’s just too much — which is why Florida superintendents have asked the governor to veto the bill and part of why State Sen. David Simmons, a leader on education issues, was one of the few Republicans to vote against it.”
  • Tampa Bay Times Editorial: Florida budget deal trades cash for bad policy: “The cost of this detente is too steep, with the governor poised to allow horrendous legislation to become law that would further dismantle public education…Corcoran, R-Land O’Lakes, apparently won the biggest prize even though Scott avoided publicly confirming it: The governor’s promise not to veto HB 7069, a monstrosity of more than 50 bills packaged together in secret that micromanages public school districts and favors privately run charter schools. Hold the applause.”

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