For Florida’s Future Unveils New I-4 Billboard On Importance Of Protecting President Obama’s Legacy

October 13, 2016

Legacy Billboard

Orlando, FL – Today, For Florida’s Future unveiled a new billboard located along the I-4 corridor near the Kaley Avenue off-ramp in Orlando to remind voters of both the importance of protecting his legacy by electing Secretary Hillary Clinton and the progress made by President Obama’s administration.

The billboard, which will run for four weeks, is a call to action for voters with the impassioned message from President Obama delivered from his 2016 Democratic National Convention speech: “I’m ready to pass the baton. I’m asking you to join me to elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States,” and it highlights a stark contrast to the demoralizing appeal presented by the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The press conference featured Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill, State Senator Geraldine Thompson, Beverlye Colson Neal of the National Congress of Black Women, and Bishop Kelvin L. Cobaris, who say the billboard is necessary, and continuing the legacy of a president who has fought for working and middle-class families will be critical this November.

“With less than 30 days left, we need to protect President Obama’s legacy by electing Secretary Clinton. The African American community deserves a seat at the table, and with Secretary Clinton as President, she will ensure that our voices are heard, and our community is represented,” said Commissioner Regina Hill.

“Trump’s hateful rhetoric and extreme ideology prove that he is not concerned for the African-American community. While there is more work that needs to be done for our families, our communities, and our country, there is no one else more qualified than Secretary Clinton to continue the progress that has been made. She worked alongside President Obama when he was sworn into office during the brink of a recession, and she is the only nominee that will continue the fight for working families in Florida,” said State Senator Geraldine Thompson.

“The African-American community came out in force for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, and it is crucial that voters turnout this election and know that they have the power to elect a president who they believe will work to advance their interests and support working families in Florida,” said Beverlye Colson Neal.

“There has been tremendous progress made over the past eight years, and the stakes are so much higher for the people of Florida. We need a President that will continue to fight for civil rights, equality, and working families, and Secretary Clinton is the leader that will continue the momentum of President Obama’s legacy,” said Bishop Kelvin L. Cobaris.

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