Immigrant Community Brings Taxes To Trump Resort: ‘We Contribute More To America Than You Do, Donald’

October 19, 2016

Groups hold traditional cacerolazo rally to hold Trump accountable for ducking his taxes, sticking working Americans with the bill, and scapegoating immigrants.

Miami, FL – Today undocumented immigrants and organizational leaders rallied outside the Trump National Doral Miami resort, holding a traditional cacerolazo and bringing copies of their own tax returns to highlight how the immigrant community contributes more to America than Trump and to demand that the Republican nominee release his taxes.

Tired of being vilified by the Republican nominee for President, undocumented immigrants highlighted how they contribute to America’s infrastructure, education, national defense and more. A recent New York Times investigation found that after somehow managing to lose nearly a billion dollars during a booming 90’s economy, the self-declared brilliant businessman has likely ducked paying his taxes for 18 years, something Trump himself confirmed at the second debate. The community also chastised their home state Senator, Marco Rubio, who has continued to stand behind Trump instead of standing up for their community despite Trump’s continued insults to the Latino and immigrant community.

“Marco Rubio has decided to stand with Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric filled with hate, so we thought the best way to counter them is by celebrating unity and love,” said Juan Carlos Carabantes with United We Dream Action. “We have a message in Spanish to all those who side with Trump and with his xenophobia and authoritarianism: No pasarán! You shall not pass!”

“I work hard and unlike Donald Trump, I pay my taxes,” said Nicaraguan mother Bertha Sanles, who showed up to the rally with a copy of her taxes. “Thanks to taxes paid by undocumented people like me Medicare is still alive, Social Security is funded. Our roads, our school system — so much of what has been built has been through the contributions that immigrants, legal and undocumented have given. Tell me, what has his contribution been – except to encourage hatred and violence?”

“Trump has no respect for anyone. He wants to send the Mexicans back. I’m black. What’ll he do to me? He has too much hate, ”said Vivian, an elderly African American woman who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “My people have died so that we can vote. So you better get out there and vote.”

Before November 8th, make sure that your voice is heard. Visit: to find all the information you need to vote.

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