Immigrant Youth & Other Community Leaders Denounce Sen. Marco Rubio’s Unwavering Support of Donald Trump & the GOP’s Racist Anti-Immigration Policies

September 10, 2016

#TrumpKlan campaign looks to hold FL elected officials who support GOP’s racist demagogue nominee

Today, United We Dream Action Leaders and other members of Florida immigrant community rallied outside the office of Sen. Marco Rubio’s office, calling him out for standing with Donald Trump instead of Florida’s immigrant community.
At the forefront of protest was the Honey Badgers Squad, a group of UWD undocumented and citizen youth who have dedicated the rest of the campaign season to holding all Florida elected official accountable for their support of Trump and his anti-immigration policies.
“Siding with Trump means siding with hate and racism!” said 20-year-old Miami voter Michael Sanchez. “Trump’s shameful group of followers form the #TrumpKlan — GOP leaders who actively pursue mass deportation and incarceration, rogue enforcement and racial targeting.”
“We’re #HereToStay and will expose and fight the politicians who are backing Trump and who want to keep us in the shadows,” said DACA recipient and Homestead resident Juan Carlos Carabantes.
The group which also included members of FLIC Votes, United Families, Florida’s Voice  and the Farm Workers Association, also unveiled a giant banner, which showed a visual of Marco Rubio stepping over the immigrant community trying to get to the Senate.
“How far will Marco Rubio go to get back to the Senate?” said Sanchez. “It’s clear that he’d rather elect a racist who stereotypes our community as criminals and support policies that would limit opportunities and the economic contributions of those who are the most politically vulnerable just to get back to Washington.”
Carabantes, whose brother and sister would have found relief had a Republican-led lawsuit not temporally derailed President Barack Obama’s DAPA program, said that it was hurtful to see the son of immigrants now look to limit the aspirations of a generation of Americans.
“Just last weekend Sen. Rubio spoke about how the American Dream ‘is the opportunity to do with your life what God has given you the talent and vision to try to achieve’,” said Carabantes. “But what about my family? Has their hard work and tax dollars not earned them a shot at the American Dream? Has not God also given me talent and vision?”
Activists tried to visit Sen. Rubio’s office to deliver a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump holding a Rubio for Senate sign but the building’s property manager would not let the group inside. Doral Police later brokered a deal that allowed two representatives to meet with Rubio staff.
“We appreciate the Doral Police helping to ensure that our First Amendment rights were protected,” said Thomás Kennedy . “It’s a shame that more of us couldn’t hear from the Senator’s staff on his positions. Perhaps we’ll get a chance to hear from the Senator himself.”
Although he initially pledged to work for comprehensive immigration reform, Rubio’s run for the Presidency has brought him closer in line with Congressional colleagues who want a heavy enforcement approach to immigration reform. In the last several years, he has joined efforts to get rid of President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration, enact mandatory minimum sentences for those found to be in the country illegally, and prohibit federal funding for cities and counties that limit the interaction between local law enforcement and the federal government on immigration issues.
This despite studies that show that undocumented immigrants commit less crimes that legal residents and that they generate more money for states and localties than they spend in services. In fact, according to a 2015 study by the Center for American Progress, the 38 percent of Florida’s total undocumented population (229,000 people) that are eligible for President Barack Obama’s original DACA program, the proposed DAPA program, or the proposed DACA expansion would spur a cumulative state GDP increase of $6.1 billion dollars and provide a 4.1 billion cumulative increase in the incomes of all state residents.
Photos and Video available here
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