Immigration, Veteran and Faith Activists Counter Trump’s Race-Baiting, Anti-Immigrant Campaign Stop in Tampa

August 24, 2016

Banner by elementary, middle & highschool children from Wimauma

Tampa – After fueling his rise to the Republican nomination for president on a toxic combination of anti-immigrant, racist, bigoted, sexist and divisive, Donald Trump brought his struggling campaign for president to the Florida State Fairgrounds today. And while the unstable Trump tries to “soften” policy proposals that have him with the support of 8 percent with black voters, and 22 percent with Hispanic voters according to NBC News/Survey Monkey polling, Tampa voters turned out today to make clear they would not be fooled.


“After spending a year of using the Latino community as inspiration for his proposals of border walls and special forces teams targeting immigrant families for deportation, Donald Trump now wants us to believe he cares about us and we should vote for him,” said Ana Lamb with LULAC 7250. “But the Latino community doesn’t forget. The Tampa community doesn’t forgive. And this November Donald Trump will be soundly defeated at the ballot box.”


“Part of every service member’s mission is to make sure they are helping their team get back home at the end of the day and that is more important than any citizenship test or other anti-American dog whistle messaging Donald Trump would use to try and stop them from having the right to serve,” said Jerry Green, Army veteran and Florida Outreach Director for Vote Vets. “Trump knows nothing of the sacrifices of fighting, being wounded or dying for this country. He is not fit to be commander in chief.”


“This is not about party it’s about people. It is no longer a philosophical issue or about a policy debate. It is about people,” said Pastor Drew Willard.


“God said to care for all the widows and children–he did not say from where,” said Margarita Ramos with Farmworker Self-Help. “People will always find a way to get over or around a wall. We believe that we must care for the least of us.”


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