Local Retirees Tell Rubio: Stop Selling Us Out on Social Security

September 28, 2016


The Alliance for Retired Americans Asks Rubio to Sign Pledge to Expand, Not Cut Social Security

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Floridians angry with Senator Marco Rubio visited his Jacksonville office Wednesday morning to demand that the Senator pledge to protect Social Security, a program that effects more than 1-in-5 Floridians.

Seniors say they have learned they can’t trust Florida’s first term Republican Senator who has said Social Security and Medicare have “weakened us as a people” and are “bankrupting this country”. That’s why retirees with the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans (FLARA) delivered a copy of the organization’s report card, highlighting Senator Rubio’s zero percent rating, to his office along with a large pledge for him to sign to promise to protect social security. Senator Rubio’s opponent for the U.S. Senate, Patrick Murphy, has already signed the pledge promising to protect the program for Florida’s seniors.

“Senator Marco Rubio believes that Social Security benefits should be cut and has expressed interest in the past in privatizing Social Security,” said Barbara DeVane, Recording Secretary for the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans. “He would rather gamble with the economic security our children and grandchildren deserve in their retirement than pledge to expand Social Security.”

“Like many millennials, I graduated during the Great Recession, and its getting harder and harder to find a good job that has a 401k or a pension, and pensions are closing every day across the country,” said Meredith O’Malley Johnson, a millennial worker and voter. “Saving for retirement is challenging for many millennials due to stagnating wages and student loan debt. My own father had to delay his retirement for 10 years because his 401k lost so much during the recession. Privatizing social security could lead to that same fate. We must protect social security for future generations, and I call on Senator Marco Rubio to stop his threats to privatize social security and protect workers.”

Miguel Leon, another retired Teamster, was forced into early retirement and faces a 72% cut to his pension. “I have three children at home who I care for. I don’t want this to happen to another family. Senator Rubio must sign this pledge to expand Social Security.”

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