Miami-Dade Elected and Female Leaders to Trump: These Nasty Women Are Voting for Hillary

November 2, 2016

Female Leaders Rebuke Trump’s Remarks; Encourage Women to Get Out The Vote

Female Leaders

Miami, FL – Miami-Dade female elected and leaders called out Donald Trump’s sexist, racist and divisive comments in a press conference today organized by For Florida’s Future. The spokeswomen emphasized the importance of having conquered women’s right to vote and female representation in government, and encouraged women to use the power of their vote to stop Donald Trump.

Recently, a leaked video showed the GOP candidate bragging about getting away with sexually assaulting women because he was rich. When women came forward to denounce him, he insulted them hinting they were not attractive enough for him to assault. To top off his sexist behavior, during the third presidential debate, after repeatedly interrupting Secretary Clinton, Donald Trump interrupted her once again only to label her “a nasty woman”. The insult resonated deeply with female viewers all over the country who have heard Trump repeatedly demean, sexualize and degrade women who stand up to him.

The Miami-Dade elected officials and the female voters have had enough. Today, the spokeswomen proclaimed themselves “Nasty Women” who are standing with Hillary against Trump’s misogyny, xenophobia, and attacks on minorities, and highlighted the importance of the female vote this November.

“Donald Trump is waging a war against women and women’s rights. But women of color, white, Hispanic, daughters of immigrants, together we represent 54% of the votes of the state of Florida, and if we stand together we can determine this election,” said Kristin Rosen-Gonzalez, Honorable City Commissioner for the City of Miami Beach. “We conquered our right to vote 96 years ago and now is the time to stand up, speak out and get out to vote. If Donald Trump says that he can grab us, then together we will get out the vote and we will grab him by the ballot. Because, like Hillary Clinton said, we are stronger together.”

“Donald Trump’s demeaning, insulting, assaulting behavior is not presidential, and women around the country are standing up and saying that this is not the leadership we want,” said Cindy Lerner, Honorable Mayor of the Village of Pinecrest. “When women stand together there is nothing that we can’t accomplish, so let’s grab our ballots and make our voices loud and clear: Let’s send Trump back to Trump Tower.”

“We are at a critical moment of our history where we can either keep advancing our rights as women, immigrants, and people of color by standing with Hillary, or take one hundred steps back to a time where women could not voice their opinions, where women did not have control of their own bodies, and everything was decided by men,” said Francesca Menes, Political Director of FLIC Votes. “We are here as powerful women proud to be called Nasty Women if that means that we fight for our community. Hillary Clinton is going to fight for women to have access to quality jobs, to quality healthcare, and to affordable and quality child care, and I urge you to turn out and vote because this is the election of our lifetimes, and we have to stand together against Trump.”

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