Priorities Florida, For Our Future FL Call Out President Trump’s Record on Medicare Ahead of His Visit to The Villages

October 3, 2019

Miami, FL – Ahead of President Trump’s visit to The Villages to discuss protecting Medicare in a closed-door event, Florida organizations are pointing out the hypocrisy of his announcement.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has taken a number of steps that would weaken Medicare and threaten seniors’ livelihoods. His $2 trillion tax giveaway to big corporations and ultra-wealthy Americans undermined the financial solvency of Medicare. To make matters worse, his administration is supporting a lawsuit that would leave Florida’s Medicare beneficiaries with a gap in prescription drug coverage and jeopardize their access to free preventative care.

“After Trump’s tax bill wasted $2.3 trillion in handouts to mostly millionaires and big corporations, Trump’s own budget makes massive cuts to Medicare and Social Security in order to pay for it. While every single proposal from Democrats seeks to strengthen and protect Medicare and Social Security, seniors in Florida should be alarmed by this president’s plans to gut every vital program they rely on,” said Blake Williams, Communications Director of For Our Future FL. 

“President Trump is heading to Florida, where 1 in 5 people are on Medicare,” said Daniela Martins, Outreach Director of Priorities FL. “He’ll act like a champion for health care and make empty promises about protecting Medicare to residents at The Villages, but President Trump called for an $800 billion dollar cut to Medicare in his 2020 budget. He thinks he can distract Floridians from his anti-health record with theatrics, but we see right through it. And we are ready to hold him accountable.”

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