Progressive leaders demand answers on Pam Bondi’s hush money, demand Trump to release his taxes

September 21, 2016

Miami, FL – Today, progressive leaders and community activists held a press conference outside of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Miami offices in Brickell to demand answers about the Trump Foundation’s illegal $25,000 donation to a committee backing Bondi – a donation he made when Bondi was considering whether or not join a lawsuit against Trump University. The spokespeople insisted on the need for Trump to release his taxes, as voters have the right to see what other illegal activity and political favors he could be hiding.

“This is exhibit A of why Trump must release his taxes. Until he does, we have no way to know how many other corrupt politicians he has been paying off”, said Thomás Kennedy with United Families. “Undocumented immigrants contribute 11 billion dollars a year in taxes. It is outrageous that we still don’t how much Trump pays in taxes! The immigrant community demands that Trump releases his taxes.”

“We have seen our immigrant community constantly attacked by anti-immigrant politicians who view us as nothing but pawns,” said Juan Carlos Carabantes from United We Dream. “My parents have broken backs from carrying this nation’s hate against immigrants, while we don’t wish for anything but the opportunity to excel and contribute to this nation. Pam Bondi has systematically attacked our community by not only blocking DAPA but by siding with Donald Trump and his xenophobia.”

Trump also hosted a fundraiser for Bondi at his Mar-a-Lago hotel in South Florida, which raised a reported $150,000.

“It wasn’t even Donald Trump’s money. It was charity money donated to his foundation by people who thought it would go to do somebody some good. Turns out, the only person it did any good was Donald Trump,” said former US Senate candidate Pam Keith. “Pam Bondi sold out the people of Florida, and we are never going to trust her judgment again.”

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