Sen. Rubio Slammed for Putting Billionaire Backers Ahead of Puerto Rican Families

September 13, 2016

On Tuesday, Joanne McCall, President, the Florida Education Association was joined by Christina Hernandez, Organize Now; and Ruben Sanchez, VAMOS4PR, to announce a new ad campaign hammering Senator Marco Rubio for putting billionaire backers ahead of Puerto Rican families.

Referencing media reports from the Sun-Sentinel to the NY Times, the speakers lampooned Rubio for flip-flopping on aid to Puerto Rico days after hedge funds (invested in Puerto Rico) held a big fundraiser for him.

The speakers additionally pointed out that with Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA), Rubio will be positioned to recommend how much basic services will need to be cut in order to pay his billionaire donors and hedge fund cronies.

“We’ve heard from our members and parents from across Florida with firsthand accounts of how hard the situation in Puerto Rico is for their families,” said Joanne McCall, President, the Florida Education Association. “When Puerto Rico needed leadership the most to help resolve the humanitarian crisis, Marco Rubio broke his promise and shamefully put his billionaire campaign contributors’ harmful agenda first. 200 schools closed, millions cut from education and Marco Rubio failed his constituents. This November the choice is clear. Marco Rubio is looking out for special interests and not hard working Americans families in Florida and Puerto Rico.”

There are 1 million Puerto Ricans in Florida with family on the Island suffering; however, Marco Rubio is only looking out for a handful of hedge fund managers.

The six-figure ad campaign by AFT Solidarity will consist of two English-language statewide digital ads; and a 30-second Spanish language radio ad.

Click here to listen to the Spanish language Radio ad “Yo No” and here to view the digital ad “Hurting” and here to view the digital ad “The Facts.” The ads were paid for by AFT Solidarity.

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