Senate Majority PAC, AFSCME PEOPLE Launch New Ad Campaign In Florida

September 15, 2016

Ads Highlight Rubio’s Attacks on Social Security and Medicare, Support for Privatization Plans that Would Benefit Rubio’s Campaign Contributors

Washington, DC – Senate Majority PAC and AFSCME PEOPLE today unveiled a new ad campaign in Florida that highlights Marco Rubio’s reckless attacks on Medicare and Social Security. Rubio has said the programs “weakened us as a people,” and in the Senate, both called for cuts to Social Security and voted for plans to privatize Medicare. The privatization plan he voted for would benefit the insurance industry that has donated nearly $1 million to Rubio’s campaign.

Links to the new ads are included here:

Senate Majority PAC:


“Marco Rubio’s reckless plans for Social Security and Medicare might be great for his campaign contributors, but they’re wrong for Florida,” said Shripal Shah, spokesman for Senate Majority PAC. “Rubio’s agenda is just further proof that for him, his political ambitions and campaign contributors always come first.”

Shirin Bidel-Niyat, AFSCME’s Assistant Director of Political Action said, “Marco Rubio wants to cut Social Security and turn Medicare over to the insurance industry. We know that is a recipe for disaster. Health care and the retirement security and of Florida’s working people and retirees is at stake in this election and Rubio cannot be trusted.”

The ad transcript is included below.


Announcer: He said Social Security makes us weaker.

Marco Rubio: “These programs actually weakened us as a people.”

Announcer: Marco Rubio wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare because he said they’re bankrupting our country.

Announcer: But that’s what politicians say when the insurance industry bankrolls their campaigns. Marco Rubio’s taken almost 1 million dollars from the insurance industry which would profit from his privatization plans.

Announcer: It’s not the programs that have weakened us, it’s the politicians who put profits ahead of us.


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