St Petersburg Joins Global Climate Strikes

September 20, 2019
Over 2,500 youth-led climate actions took place in over 120 countries
St Petersburg, FL – Today, in coordination with a worldwide day of action happening in over 120 countries, St. Petersburg residents hosted a climate strike and march.
“My generation sees what’s causing the problem and I beg our government to stop making it worse,” said Melissa Pielet, an environmental science major at Eckerd College. “We are talking about the future of everyone we love and everything that makes us smile.”
“Today’s march exemplifies the overwhelming frustration that many young people, poor people, people of color, and others are feeling with our country’s lack of action in combating climate change,” said Tim Martin, Conservation Chair for Florida Sierra Club. “There is growing realization that we can’t keep kicking this can down the road. We hope today’s action will serve as a catalyst to galvanize public support for more drastic action.”
“Florida as a state is uniquely impacted by climate change, yet our leaders at the state and national level have chosen climate denial and campaign donors ahead of the best interests of Floridians,” said Blake Williams, communications director with For Our Future Florida, an organization that focuses on climate action among other issues. “Today’s marches around the globe sent those leaders the message loud and clear: people want climate action NOW.”
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