Tampa Elected and Hispanic Leaders Unite; These ‘Bad Hombres’ Are Going To Vote!

November 2, 2016

Hispanic Community Leaders Call Out Trump for his Bigoted Rhetoric; Encourage Tampa Bay Latinos to Get Out The Vote

Tampa, Fla – This afternoon, elected and community leaders called out Donald Trump’s bigoted and divisive rhetoric and policies at a local business in Tampa’s Ybor City, a community founded by immigrants. Hard-working people and families from Spain, Cuba and Italy came to Tampa and built the community to what it is today, like immigrants have done across America.

“As the son of a father who came to Tampa from Cuba in 1911, I am disgusted and dismayed by Donald Trump’s treatment of immigrants,” said Tampa City Council Member Charlie Miranda. “But I want to remind my fellow Floridians that our voices are powerful, and that we have the opportunity to swing the election. Let’s show the world that in America, a nation of immigrants, there is no place for fear, division and hatred.”

In the third Presidential debate, Donald Trump referred to some members of the immigrant community as “bad hombres,” another offensive comment in a campaign driven by hate and fear. Donald’s incredibly poor choice of words offended many Latinos, but his rhetoric should come as no surprise. This is a man who kicked off his campaign by calling Mexicans “rapists” and criminals and continues to lower the bar of acceptable behavior for someone who wants to be leader of the free world.

“This year we have seen an unprecedented rise in Latinos becoming citizens and registering to vote,” said Tampa City Council Member Mike Suarez. “We have a very powerful voice, and we must make sure that we use it. Let’s come together and show Donald Trump and other anti-immigrant politicians that our community must be respected.”

Members of the Tampa City Council were joined by local entrepreneurs and business owners, who strongly condemned the closed-off, close-minded vision of America Donald has proposed.

“As an entrepreneur in Tampa I am deeply concerned by Donald’s obsession with building a wall and closing off America to the rest of the world,” said Andrew Machota, Founder of New Town Connections. “We should be welcoming talented immigrants who want to come to America to build their own businesses and improve their lives. Our diversity is what makes America strong.”

“I am an immigrant who worked hard to build a business and contribute to our community here in Tampa,” said Tony Selvaggio, CEO & Founder of eSmart Recycling. “Donald Trump’s ignorant remarks are a perfect opportunity to shine a light on the importance of Hispanics and the Hispanic community as a $1.5 trillion powerhouse in this country.”

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