Trump Found Not Paying His Fair Share At Another Florida Property

September 6, 2016

Stop Trump

Palm Beach Post finds Trump either faking value of his property or not paying his fair share of taxes into local revenue

Donald Trump likes to say, over and over, how successful he is, how much he is worth, how his developments are the best of the best. But, since he continues to refuse releasing his taxes nobody can really know if this is based in any truth or just another bunch of hot air as he tries to bluff, offend and lie his way into the White House.

Recently, the City of Doral debated how to make Trump pay his fair share after it was found that Trump National Doral was paying taxes on a valuation far lower than what Trump himself was claiming it was worth.

Now, the Palm Beach Post found that the Republican presidential nominee puts the valuation of his two properties in Palm Beach County, Trump National Golf Club and the famous Mar-a-Lago, at more than $50 million each while the he paid property taxes on only $40 million total.

“As long as Trump continues to hide his taxes from voters these questions will linger,” said For Florida’s Future’s Blake Williams. “Donald Trump is either lying to voters about his wealth or lying to his neighbors about the valuation of his properties.”

If Donald Trump is not paying his fair share of property taxes it means counties and municipalities across the state are not able to fund the public services at a proper level while he is getting rich on the back of other taxpayers.

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