Trump’s First 100 Days: Disasters and Broken Promises

April 29, 2017


  • Day 1: As a visibly smaller crowd shows up for Trump’s inauguration compared to President Obama’s and even George W. Bush’s, Trump’s @POTUS twitter account posts picture from Obama’s 2009 inauguration, trying to pass it off as his own.

  • Day 2: Millions participate in Women’s Marches across the country protesting Trump’s misogynistic agenda.

  • Day 3: Trump’s White House spends the day attacking participants of the Women’s March and falsely claiming that the meager number of attendees at his inauguration were actually more people than historic number who attended Barack Obama’s inauguration. When reporters say this is proved wrong by photographic evidence, Trump staffers claim they are simply offering “alternative facts”. Speaking of which, Trump first makes the baseless and outrageous claim that 3 to 5 million illegally cast ballots by undocumented immigrants cost him the popular vote.

  • Day 8: Trump issues Muslim ban, which detained hundreds of innocent travelers, encouraged enforcement based on religion and profiling and blocking refugees fleeing the humanitarian crises around the world.

  • Despite promising to fight for working families and drain the swamp, Trump appoints the wealthiest cabinet in U.S. history and hires Goldman Sachs executives responsible for the 2008 global financial crisis to fill key positions in the administration.

  • Trump recklessly appoints right-wing firebrand and former Brietbart editor Steve Bannon to the National Security Council, which is usually reserved for Generals and Admirals

  • Day 14: Trump hangs up on the Australian prime minister and threatens to send troops into Mexico to stop the “bad hombres” during a phone call with the President of Mexico.

  • Day 19: Democrats hold the line in the Senate against Education nominee Betsy DeVos, forcing Mike Pence to become the first Vice President to ever have to cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate for a cabinet confirmation.

  • Day 24: Trump advisor Stephen Miller asserts in TV interviews that the powers of the president “will not be questioned”.

  • Day 26: National security advisor Michael Flynn is forced to resign after lying about secret communications with Russia – communications which we later learn Trump himself had known about for weeks.

  • Day 42: Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election after it is revealed that Sessions lied under oath about meeting with the Russian ambassador during the election.

  • Day 44: Trump falsely and without evidence claims that he was wiretapped by the former President of the United States, possibly through his microwave according to his senior advisors.

  • Day 46: Trump issues revised Muslim ban.

  • Day 49: Trump’s EPA director Scott Pruitt denies the science of climate change.

  • Day 53: The nonpartisan congressional budget office shows that Trumpcare would leave 24 million Americans without health insurance, weaken Medicare and weaken protections for pre-existing conditions put in place by the ACA.

  • Day 60: The director of the FBI confirms that there is no evidence of Trump’s claims that he was wiretapped by the former president, but does confirm that the FBI is actively investigating the Trump campaigns possible collusion with Russia and whether they interfered with the 2016 election.

  • Day 71: Former national security advisor Michael Flynn offers to testify in Congress on Trump’s ties with Russia in exchange for immunity.

  • Day 77: Unable to break a filibuster from Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans invoke the “nuclear option” to eliminate the filibuster, breaking historic precedent in order to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court seat that Republicans held vacant through unprecedented obstruction for nearly a year to deny President Barack Obama an appointment.

  • Day 78: After years of claiming the U.S. should stay out of Syria – and heavily criticizing Barack Obama for threatening to take action against Bashar Al-Assad after he used chemical weapons on his own people – Trump launches missile strikes into Syria.

  • Day 86: While the administration continues to dodge questions about Trump’s broken promises to release his tax returns by claiming Americans don’t care, every poll and the millions who marched on April 15th beg to differ.

  • Day 99: Trump reflecting on his disastrous first 100 Days says he thought the job of being president “would be easier.”


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