USF Students Hold “Beauty Pageant” To Remind Trump And Rubio That A Women’s Place Is In The White House

October 6, 2016
Beauty Pageant
Students highlight Trump’s history of sexist comments against women, ask Rubio to condemn Trump and stand up for women

Tampa, FL – Today, University of South Florida Students and For Florida’s Future organized a mock beauty pageant to highlight the unacceptable behavior that presidential candidate Donald Trump has shown in his treatment of women. The list of insults Trump has used to degrade and demean women is so long, organizers say they decided to illustrate it in the only venue that Trump understands: a beauty pageant.

Contestants at today’s event wore sashes bearing just some of the insults the Republican nominee has used to shame and degrade seemingly every woman he’s encountered. “Miss Piggy”, “Miss Bimbo”, “Miss Flat Chested” and “Miss Piece of Ass” rejected Trump’s sexist behavior and challenged their fellow USF students to do the same. Donald Trump’s long and sorry history of insulting, sexualizing and stereotyping women is well documented, and it has only grown since he became the Republican presidential nominee. Contestants also called out Marco Rubio, Florida’s Republican Senator who has continued to stand with Donald Trump, for remaining shamefully silent despite Trump’s horrific comments and continuing to stand behind the presidential candidate when Rubio should be standing up for Florida women.

Trump has made disparaging comments about Hillary Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly and former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. Just this week, former contestants from Donald Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice,” came out saying that Trump repeatedly demeaned women on the show, rating them according to the size of their breasts and discussing sexual relations.

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