Veterans Highlight Trump’s Disastrous Economic Policies for Armed Service Members

August 16, 2016

Jacksonville and Orlando, FL – This Wednesday local veterans will gather in Jacksonville and Orlando to highlight how Donald Trump’s disastrous economic policies would fail veterans.


Throughout his campaign, Trump has used veterans as political props. Trump was exposed for making false claims about funds he supposedly raised for veterans’ groups, blatantly lying about $6 million he supposedly raised for veterans’ charitable organizations. And only after being confronted for attempting to defraud vets was he shamed into accounting for the missing funds. This adds to a long list of Trump’s insults to veterans including describing his womanizing as his own “personal Vietnam” and most recently his shameful attacks on the Gold Star parents of a fallen American Muslim soldier. His comments disrespect those who serve or served our country and his temperament makes it clear to many veterans that Donald Trump is unfit to be the next Commander in Chief.


Despite all that, the biggest insult to American veterans might be the policies of a president Trump. Trump himself has said he doesn’t support the current G.I. bill and his chief policy advisor has stated he doesn’t see “anything wrong” with privatizing the VA. The men and women of the U.S. military also largely come from the middle and working class, the families and households of whom Trump’s economic policies completely ignore while shoveling handouts to millionaires and billionaires like himself.


We should protect those who protect America. But whether it’s pushing for an end to the GI Bill, putting the VA on a path to privatization, his constant calls to send more working-class men and women into combat, or his tax policies benefitting the wealthy, Trump has proven he is only focused on protecting himself while more than happy to make everyone else do the sacrificing for him. That’s why Will Fischer – a Marine and Purple Heart recipient – will join with local Florida veterans to denounce Trump’s denigrating rhetoric and shameful exploitation of members of the U.S. military.




WHO: Will Fischer – United States Marine, Purple Heart recipient and Executive

Director of the Union Veterans Council

David Gates – Veteran and Jacksonville IBEW member

Jerry Green – Army veteran and Florida Outreach Director for Vote Vets

Ernie Hartless – Army veteran and Secretary-Treasurer of Machinists Local 731


WHAT: Press conference on veterans’ issues and the 2016 elections


WHEN: 11am, Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


WHERE: Veterans Memorial Wall, 1145 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL




WHO: Will Fischer – Frmr Marine, Purple Heart recipient and Executive Director of the

Union Veterans Council

Joseph Washington – Army Veteran & President, Apopka Area Concerned Citizens Council

Leroy Bell – Army Veteran & Chairman/ Apopka Area Concerned Citizens


WHAT: Press conference on veterans’ issues and the 2016 elections


WHEN: 2:45pm, Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


WHERE: Orange County Classroom Teachers Association

1020 Webster St, Orlando, FL 32804

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