Wildly Different Voices, Same Message: Vote NO On 1

November 3, 2016

No on 1

The breadth of the opposition to the anti-solar Amendment 1 was displayed in 12 cities across the state when Tea Party and Libertarian voters joined forces with solar industry representatives, religious leaders, consumer advocates, and environmentalists to send a clear message to the public: Vote No on anti-solar Amendment 1.

In Ft. Myers, Gainesville, Hollywood, Pensacola, Miami, Orlando, Sarasota, and Tallahassee, the events were held at or near early voting locations. Others gathered at City Hall in St. Petersburg, Riverwalk in Tampa, a residential solar array in Titusville, and City Dock in West Palm Beach.

“The diversity of the opposition to Amendment 1 is historic” said Kim Ross, President of ReThink Energy Florida. “From the Tea Party Network of Florida on the right, to the Florida Conservation Voters and our organization for the environment, and now adding local elected leaders including Mayor Andrew Gillum and Leon County Board Commissioner Kristin Dozier – we are all united against the most deceptive amendment Florida voters have ever seen.”

Catherine Baer, Chair, Tea Party Network said: “As true conservatives, we value free market and competition. Big monopoly utility companies are spending tens of millions of dollars to trick voters into thinking that amendment 1 will promote solar power. However, Amendment 1 will pave the way for the utilities to make it more costly for you to generate your own solar power.”

Michael Brune, National Executive Director of the Sierra Club stated: “Communities across the country are replacing fossil fuels with solar power at an increasing pace; we can’t let Florida utilities deceive voters and hold back the promise of solar energy in the sunshine state.
“The people of the Gulf South, who live, work, and play along the Gulf of Mexico, are ready to transition into clean energy sources that lessen impacts to the environment, creates a sustainable job market, and protects human health says Mary Gutierrez, Executive Director of Earth Action. We will no longer allow big industry to dictate the type of energy source we want for our communities. We want our voices heard. A vote No on Amendment 1 is a vote for a clean, sustainable energy future.
“This is a test to the Florida voters. We are voting here to determine if 22 million dollars can buy an amendment to our Constitution. Florida voters need to send back a clear message to the utility companies and Tallahassee. “No our Constitution is not for sale” said Raul Vergara, Owner of Cutler Bay Solar Solutions.
“Follow the money! Florida’s monopoly utilities and their allies have spent over 26 million dollars to protect their profits – not to protect customers – and FP& L and Duke Energy are now the #1 and #2 biggest spenders respectively on any single ballot initiative in Florida’s history. Why? Because Amendment 1 is good for the big utilities and bad for everyone else” said Susan Glickman, Florida Director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Paul Farren, CEO of The Energy Store in Hollywood said, “Amendment 1 might be the most expensive public relations disaster in Florida State history.”

“Amendment 1 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing designed to trick voters into keeping the utilities’ monopoly on our energy,” said Jonathan Webber, Deputy Director, Florida Conservation Voters. “Today’s statewide rallies are an excellent indicator that Floridians are wising up to the real intentions of this scam Amendment.”

Being purposely tricked is the final straw,” says Bill Johnson, President of Brilliant Harvest, LLC. “In defeating this Amendment, we are sending a strong message that Florida will in fact become a solar leader in our nation.”

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