Women Protest Trump At Lakeland Event: Your Misogyny is Unacceptable

October 12, 2016


LAKELAND, FL – Today in Lakeland, women tired of Donald Trump’s campaign of misogyny and horrified by his bragging of what amounts to sexual assault held a protest outside of the candidate’s appearance in Lakeland.

Donald Trump cannot open his mouth without his campaign hitting a new low. The release last weekend of a taped conversation in which Trump openly explains how he sexually assaults women is merely the latest in a long line of sexist, objectifying, and demeaning comments he has made throughout this campaign.

“The language Donald Trump used on those leaked tapes describes sexual assault and predatory behavior, period,” said Karen Welzel, who helped organize today’s protest. “The suggestion that this can be dismissed as mere ‘locker room talk’ is insulting to anyone with any humanity, and women especially will not tolerate it.”

Donald lives in an alternate reality where sexual assault is acceptable, but the women at today’s protest are fighting back. Women are rallying together and using their voices in this election to make sure that Donald’s reality doesn’t become America’s reality.

Luckily there is a clear alternative – Hillary Clinton. The women at the event today made clear that they are just representatives of the overwhelming majority of women who will be voting for Clinton. In many cases, many women have already cast their ballot for her through Vote by Mail. And these voters, disgusted by Donald, will help to decide the outcome of the state.

“Women voting in this election have an incredible opportunity to make history and elect the first female president,” said Susannah Randolph, who helped organize the event. “Together we need to let every American know that this kind of sexist behavior is unacceptable. A woman’s place is in the White House.”

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